The Power of Habit

Why we do what we do and how to change. A book by Charles Duhigg

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I think it is safe to assume at this point that 2020 was not the best year for everyone. Yes, some Tesla investors became Teslaniares (Tesla millionaires). But the majority of the consensus would be. Well, not great.

The December break could not come soon enough. And although finances were tight and the world was still in turmoil. A break and a reset are sometimes just what we need.

It is during this time that I came across a book by Charles Duhigg. Adamant to change my future for the better, and improve, I picked up my copy of The Power of Habit and read it.

I know, reading on holiday. Who would have thought? If you have read it, give me your thoughts on the book in the comments. If you have not, well I can recommend it.

Back to the issue on hand. During the holiday, I realised that a lot of things have not been working for me during 2020. And ultimately, I have only myself to blame. Although some would say that I am fairly successful. I have not achieved enough. Unfocused, easily distracted and a mind that cannot concentrate on one thing for too long.

It was while reading The Power of Habit that my “aha” moment came. Changing my habits. In the book, the author explains that you cannot just change your entire lifestyle overnight. And that most successful people who have changed their lifestyles, quit smoking etc. have done so by changing small things. This is the more “sustainable” approach and the one with the most success.

That is my goal for 2021. To start changing small habits over the course of a year, to achieve my perfect balance and hopefully reach my goals.



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