How Redefining Wealth Can Lead You To True Fulfillment

I am going to assume that you have seen the topic of wealth many times before.

But have you ever wondered what Wealth truly means?

Being wealthy to each of us has a different meaning. Nobody else can determine the meaning for you.

Sure, some would put a monetary value on wealth. But again. That is very subjective. Who is more wealthy. The person who saved up $500 000 during his life, and would be able to live his life and enjoy every moment of it on just that amount, or the person who saved $5 000 000, but if he stopped earning tomorrow he will be broke within a year.

Wealth is relative. It is what you need to live YOUR life the way you want to. To live free of financial or any other pressure.

Wealth also does not necessarily need to be monetary. What brings you ultimate fulfillment? Can you see it in your mind? That is true wealth. By living your dream, and not just longing for it.

This is the goal, is it not? To find true happiness. To find peace within.



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