Five reasons why waking up early makes my day wonderful

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Have you ever felt that nothing falls into place? That every day is stressful, that you cannot focus, and your mind is consumed by a cloud of chaos. You always feel exhausted, no motivation to perform and overall, just terrible.

I have.

I had to do many things to improve my life. But one of the habits that I found had the largest influence daily was my morning routine. I know, it sounds simple. But hear me out.

A while ago I read the viral book from Robin Sharma, 5 AM Club. I honestly believed it to be a terrible book. Not because the book was terribly written, but because I could not understand how waking up earlier and taking control of my mornings could improve my life. I am always tired. Therefore, I need more sleep. Not less.

I was not open to the lessons that the book could teach me. It was not until lock down hit that I realized that I need to make a change. Quickly and drastically. Although there was no longer a daily commute of two hours, I still had no time. I was still rushed and consumed with the chaos within my head. This spurred me on to pick up the 5 AM Club again, and this time. This time I read it with an open mind.

I could go on and on about all the small details of the book. But, then just read the book. Rather, I am going to tell you why waking up earlier changed my life. My five reasons why I feel better and more capable every day using this routine.

Time is the most valuable resource that we all have. We have a limited number of time on this earth. We don’t know how much time. We need to make the best of every moment. Those extra hours in the morning really helped me get through some of the smaller things that I was never able to get to.

I am finally able to eat breakfast in the morning and exercise. If you are like me, waking up just in time, shower, hit the road and work. I would get back after a long day (with things to do in the evening) and skip exercising completely. My new routine includes both vital habits into my morning routine. Making me healthier than I have been in a long time.

I really thought that waking up earlier would leave me tired and zombified for the entire day. Not really, and this was possibly as a result of tweaking my morning routine. But I am energized. I have much more energy to focus on what needs to be done and more. Where I would sit and be productive maybe a couple of hours a day. Now, I am more efficient than ever before. The combination of energy and focus really makes a world of difference.

You remember that chaos in my head. Well, my morning routine now also allows me time to think. To organize my thoughts and plan my day. I get more done, and my day does not start in utter chaos. My days are no longer rushed, and because I had the time to think, my thoughts are in-line. The chaos is gone and only calmness resides now. Of course, stressful situations will still have an impact. But now it is only one instance to think about and to solve, rather than to not even know where to begin due to the chaos within myself.

To summarize, the benefits that I realized. That now makes every day tolerable. Even great are:

  • I have more time to do the things that needs to get done.
  • I am healthier due to my new morning routine.
  • I have more energy throughout my day.
  • I can focus for longer periods of time. I have even become more efficient.
  • I have found a calmness within. No more living in constant chaos.



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